Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy September!

September is upon us, and I've just realized that it's been over two weeks since my last update.

8/23, Saturday - training session with Steve, he made me face my fear of treadmill running head on and I go in 30 minutes walking and running, with the focus on getting me to feel comfortable on it and not focusing on distance....yet. This was followed by being stretched out, which was fabulous!

8/24, Sunday - woke up frustrated with some back pain, skipped the gym since I knew I was heading to the Lorain County fair with my Mom, sister and bro-in-law. Walked at the fair for 4 hours.

8/25, Monday - lots of stretching and ab work, walked on the track. Chickened out of using treadmill and headed to Cahoon Park for a run. Spinal block on right side, didn't hurt near as bad as first round of shots.

8/26, Tuesday - training session with Steve, back felt a little achy at injection sites but overall felt great, did lots of leg work today.

8/27, Wednesday - lots of stretching then hit the treadmill for 40 minutes; got in just over 3 miles in warm up, run and cool down.

8/28, Thursday - stretching and abs, didn't feel well headed home after 1/2 an hour and went back to bed for about an hour before heading to work.

8/29, Friday (would have been brother John's 58th b-day) - skipped work out, had chiro appt -- still recommend everyone go at least once. Brad Paisley concert at Blossom, great concert and only got hit with about 10 minutes of rain!

8/30, Saturday - training session with Steve, lots of stretching and upper body work, back bothered me at very end of session.

8/31, Sunday - skip gym, Geauga County fair with my Mom...walked for about 3 hours was really really really bad and had a deep-friend twinkie with strawberries on top (heaven), hadn't had one in about 6 years, it was worth the wait!

9/01, Monday - skipped gym, went into work for about 3+ hours (yes i went into work on Labor Day, that is just wrong!), had my Mom over for a cook-out and grilled lots of veggies on the grill (mmmmmm...)

9/02, Tuesday - skipped gym again, three days in a row in NOT good but had a nice chat with trainer Steve in the morning. Busy at work right now and a little stressed, worked late.

9/03, Wednesday - friend G's bday!! - training session with Steve, back has been bothersome (think it's work stress related) did lots to loosen up back. chiro appt before work. Left work on-time and went out to dinner with G for his bday, Red Lobster all you eat shrimp...that is just wrong, good, but wrong.

9/04, Thursday - treadmill at gym for about 43 minutes, hips were extremely tight so followed up with lots of stretching. Worked late again.

9/05, Friday (brother Dale's bday) - training session with Steve, upper body work. Just was not in a good place today mentally, struggled with everything all day. Work was a pain, and ended up staying late....again.

9/06, Saturday - skipped gym, left early to head down to the OSU vs. OU game! Go Bucks!!

9/07, Sunday - skipped gym, headed to the Fairport Harbor Perchfest with my Mom, got in maybe about an hours worth of walking. Watched the dismal Browns game...but being optimistic that SOMEHOW they'll pull it together for next weeks game against the Steelers.

9/08, Monday - have final spinal block session (left side today) at 9am so headed to the gym to get in a good run in case I have to skip tomorrow; got on the treadmill for 62 minutes and felt awesome!, about 13 minutes was spent walking between warm up, cool down, and once for water. Spent lots of time stretching, working calves and abs ended up at the gym for over 2 hours...what a great start to the morning! Final spinal block session went ok, in some discomfort this evening but will hopefully subside by morning and I'll be able to head back to the gym for another run!

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duchossois said...

2 weeks since your last post! I was starting to worry. Sorry that your back is still giving you occasional trouble, but I think your insight regarding stress as a contributor might have merit.