Friday, May 30, 2008

A Looong Week

So, Saturday was my first session with my personal trainer, I woke up feeling a little crummy and was not really looking forward to being tortured so I was really happy when I got to the gym that I'd forgotten our first "session" wasn't working out but going over eating habits and goals and measurements and such not. I didn't even look to see what my body fat figure ended up being...I know it's bad! I wasn't going to look on the scale either, but at the last second I glanced down and saw the number I'd pretty much expected. But, as was said many times during that hour, "it is what it is". I am looking forward to getting back on track, getting healthier, and looking better is never a bad thing either!

After all the info was gathered I did stick around the gym and worked out some, still feeling crummy though I opted out of doing any running. Sunday ended up being an off day -- not purposely, but laundry and other miscellaneous house cleaning duties called before heading over to get my Mom and head out to my sister's for the day.

Recap for the rest of the week --
Monday, hour workout consisting of upper body, arms and abs then hit the track for about 20 minutes. Spent the rest of the day with my Mom, she came over to my place this time and helped me clean up the lawn furniture and hung out while I cleaned out the garage. Hung out at a friend's house later in the day for a few hours. All-in-all a relaxing Memorial day.

Tuesday, abs, lots of pre and post run stretching, run for about 20 minutes; total time at gym 70 minutes. Work was crazy busy. But busy is so much better than the alternative!

Wednesday, hour workout session with trainer followed by an hour consisting of pre and post run stretching and doing a run/walk offset for 40 minutes. Today would have been my parents 59th wedding anniversary; so I took the day off work to spend it with my Mom. Got to her house early and headed out to Lodi to do a little shopping and walking followed by a nice late lunch/early dinner out.

Thursday, abs, stretching and 20 minute run. Expected with being off on Wednesday that work would be busy, but instead it was just a nice steady day. Headed over to a friend's house to catch up on some of the daily happenings at Roland Garros and to watch LOST! (I like the show, just wish I didn't always feel quite so lost after it's over...lots of great story twists.)

Friday, abs, stretching and 40 minute run/walk offset. Work is obviously slow today since I'm here updating things...

As of Monday I started keeping a log of what I'm eating and the calories, fat calories, protein and carbs as well as logging my workouts. I know when I check out other runner's logs and see their recaps it motivates me to do more and work harder...hoping my own personal logs/recaps will help push me even more!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Only three days until my new workout routine starts with Steve, my personal trainer. I am looking forward to getting started, I only wish I felt better. While on vacation a week and a half ago I caught a cold and boy has it sunk its teeth into me the last couple of day. Needless to say, I'm not sleeping much and have missed a several days at the gym and the whole running agenda has been non-existent -- I tried running the day after vacation but not being able to breath didn't seem to help my cause and I was walking within 5 minutes of starting. I'm not giving up though, I will get a running routine established and am hopeful that working with a trainer will help solidify things for me.

Ok, off to get a new box of tissues and a fresh pack of cough drops...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Beginnings

So I've decided to make some changes in my life...and let me tell you, I am not a fan of change! But this is long overdue and I am hoping that maybe by keeping tabs with myself I'll stay motivated. I want to get serious about running...again. I started running last year, a good friend from work and I started entering 5k's. The goal was to do one each month! I am not the fastest runner, but I did find solace in running and I found myself having lengthy conversations with my brother and my Dad (my brother passed away in October 2005 and my Dad in January 2007). Now, I know running a 5k may not seem like much to many, but the feeling I had after that very first race...I've never experienced anything like it (is it possible to experience a runner's high from just 3.1 miles? Anyhow all was well until mid-August of last year, when everything just sort of caught up with me and everything stopped, running, working out, pretty much everything. About a month ago (April 25th) I decided that enough was enough, and life is way too short for all the self-pity I was wasting time with and I got my butt to the gym! My short-term goal was to drop about 40 lbs before heading on vacation on May 9th...hmmm, 2 weeks and 40 lbs...ok, so I guess my initial goal was a little unreasonable, but everyone wants to look great before vacation! Ok, so the point was I got up and got myself back into the gym, and that is something. Got back from vacation on Thursday, May 15th and was back into the gym on Friday and signing up for 4 weeks with a personal trainer!

My sessions start on Saturday, May 24th and will go until Tuesday, June 17th. So here's to change, and improving one's health physically and mentally. And who knows, maybe I'll be back on the 5k course before the end of the season this year!!