Friday, August 22, 2008

Long Slow Week

Not really much going on since the 5k last Sunday:

Monday - had some back issues so avoided the gym and running.

Tuesday - still having back issues, but walked about 3 miles before work.

Wednesday - worked out with Steve (my trainer) and focused A LOT on legs (still feeling it some, two days later!).

Thursday - had intentions on running. Was supposed to meet up with Steve, but his knee was acting up, so headed out alone to the park we run at but only one car was at the park and i just didn't have a good feeling -- had a minor incident running there before that had freaked me out a little but I hadn't been alone that time -- so anyhow, i turned the car around and headed to the gym and focused on stretching and then did lots of abs!, followed by more stretching and some walking.

Friday - feeling Wednesday's workout more than I did on Friday, and woke up with a head ache so opted out of running again plus had no one to run with so back to the gym for a repeat of my Thursday workout focusing on stretching and abs.

AND, since my back issues weren't as sever after the 5k I am really wanting to do another one next month, just have to find one now.... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I also go for my second spinal block on Monday morning, not looking forward to that again but am looking forward to seeing what the doc has to say and how the pictures compare from the first one (wish me luck).

Happy Friday to all and here's hoping for Awesome weekends for everyone!!!

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duchossois said...

Glad you feeling ready for another 5k. I'd recommend checking the Hermes website calender of events, or There are so many coming up in September, you should have no trouble picking one out.