Thursday, September 11, 2008


It is difficult to believe that it has been 7 years already and yet it is amazing how well I can vividly recall so many factors about that day in such detail...not thinking much of hearing about the first plane other than it being a tragic accident, learning about the plane that was hijacked right above me in downtown Cleveland as I stressed out about work and deadlines and then practically having to be escorted out of the building when we were told to evacuate because I wanted to stay in the quiet empty office to "get the job done" and then getting home and turning on the tv and coming to the slow realization of what was actually unfolding before us. Trying to make sure all my family was safe and secure in their homes, and the phone lines being completely tied up. And then the feeling of watching the first tower fall....and then the second. The looks on the peoples faces... How quiet it was with no planes overhead; and then walking up the hill to work and seeing my first plane in the sky again and just stopping and staring in awe, as if I'd never seen a plane before and the stranger stopped beside me doing the same thing and then the two of us looking at each other for reassurance that it was ok to see a plane in the sky.

I am sorry to admit that I have again been so busy with work deadlines, that it wasn't until I actually really looked at my calendar this morning that I honestly realized that TODAY was/is 9/11. But I have not forgotten the feeling of how proud I felt to be an American in those following days, and the immense love, appreciation and admiration that I felt and will always feel towards all the families who lost loved ones, to the men and women digging through the rubble, to all the policemen and firemen, and to the men and women serving for us here and overseas. To all the people on that day, and every day before then and every day since...the words of "Thank You" just do not seem to be good enough, but for lack of better words - Thank You, for having that special something to put your life on the lines for me, for us everyday of your lives!

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