Monday, January 12, 2009

Judgement Day

The end of December left me about a week to put in some great long workouts.

12/29 - 6.00miles on elliptical after session with trainer-Steve
12/30 - 7.52miles on elliptical
2.48miles on treadmill, walking
12/31 - 5.00miles on elliptical after session with trainer-Steve; checked weight and still 2 pounds from goal; kept things in check for New Years Eve and was in bed around 10pm!
01/01 - 0.60miles on treadmill for a quick warm-up
6.00miles on elliptical after LOTS of ab work; total time at gym = 4hours! Great start for the new year!
01/02 - 8.00miles on elliptical after More abs
01/03 - 1.00miles on treadmill
7.76miles on elliptical followed by some lifting and abs and another 3 1/2 hour workout all after measurements.
01/04 - 1.00miles on treadmill; abs and then a food hour working out side by side with trainer-Steve (think this was tougher than his training sessions)
4.21miles on elliptical
1.00miles on treadmill while trainer-Steve ran
50.66miles for the week elliptical and trainer combined

So January 3rd was my judgement day and time to see if this last round of hard work has paid off and to what extent... Missed my target weight goal by 2 pounds (again, missed by the same 2 back in November). So totals to date - 43 pounds lighter. 43!!! And my waist is down by 6 inches and I'm down about 3 dress sizes (think it's time to go shopping!!!!!). And (drum roll please) my body fat is down to 18%,which is down A LOT from where I had started. What a great journey this has been. And, one last goal, 12 pounds over the next 12 weeks. These are going to be the toughest ones yet, but now is no time to back down from a challenge.

The first full week of the new year was off to a good start, my orthotics were finally in and my doctor even dropped them off at my house for me! So, about a week of breaking in and I just may be back to running around mid-month. Unfortunately the week didn't end up quite as productive as I'd originally hoped but sometimes a week of rest is good. Right?

01/05 - 5.07miles on elliptical
01/06 - skipped gym up late the night before watching OSU game.
01/07 - 4.00miles on elliptical after an hour with trainer-Steve, not feeling 100%.
01/08 - 4.21miles on elliptical with trainer-Steve and some abs.
01/09 - skipped workout, trainer-Steve sent me home from gym, ended up back in bed and sleeping for another couple hours.

01/10 - 0.51miles on treadmill, followed by abs and some lifting
8.28miles on elliptical
0.46miles on treadmill
22.58miles for the week elliptical and treadmill combined

This next week finally allows me to start doing some light impact work during my training sessions and see how 7 weeks of rest has paid off. Fingers and toes crossed!

Hope to update again soon with more great news!


duchossois said...

Congrats on a great 2008 and a promising start to 2009. I knew back in November when you started the 56 day challenge that you would get it done. Keep doing what your doing.

EbethS said...

Way to go, those are some excellent results, definately no looking back now. I think you need to update your picture to show the new you.
So proud of you girl.