Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Weekly Update...

The middle of January is upon us and so far it's been a great year!

Just as I adjusted to running on the treadmill, I've come to adjust to life on the elliptical, although I still long for a day when I can get outside and run... But, now is the time for building up strength and listening to trainer-Steve since he ALWAYS seems to be right about these things. I had a pretty good week and have really been focusing on 1)adding Sunday workouts and 2)getting in some long workout sessions on the weekends. Again both of these tasks are being achieved thanks to trainer-Steve coming in on his Sunday off day to work out with me! So here's what the middle of January looked like for me:

0.50 miles - treadmill, warm-up then 1 hr. PT session with trainer-Steve
7.20 miles - elliptical

4.00 miles - elliptical, after ab workout

4.00 miles - elliptical, after 1 hr. PT session with trainer-Steve

0.50 miles - treadmill, warm-up then light ab workout
6.00 miles - elliptical
1.15 miles - treadmill, first attempt back at running; run 1 min, walk 2 min.

7.50 miles - elliptical

0.50 miles - treadmill, warm-up then 1 hr. PT session with trainer-Steve
9.76 miles - elliptical

3.75 miles - elliptical
1.57 miles - treadmill, run 1 min, walk 2 min
1.00 miles - treadmill
(this was a solo Sunday workout w/instructions of no more than 60 minutes of cardio; which I actually followed)

TOTALS 47.43 miles

Now in looking at my numbers I completed the total miles in about 7 1/2 hours which leaves me averaging around 10 minutes/mile for the elliptical... but that seems a little high, my hours or working out may be wrong since I typically complete a mile on the elliptical in about 9 minutes. But anyhow, the real question is will this have any effect at all on my running time? I was averaging about a 10 minute mile on the treadmill and coming in at about a 10-11 minute mile in my 5k's. I so would like to be faster. However, that being said, going 7 1/2 weeks without being able to run at all... well, it sort of put the whole "speed"complex I have into perspective.

Will most likely finish out the month of January taking it easy with the running and working on the run 1 min, walk 2 min with increasing the amount of time I'm actually on the treadmill (first two times was 20 minutes, and the third time was for 30 minutes). Would like to sign up for my first race in February, but realistically it may not be until March or maybe even April...I don't know, we will have to see. For right now it is just getting through one step at a time...

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duchossois said...

A great week. I am becoming a big fan of Trainer Steve, and I don't even know him. I like the things he's recommending, and the results speak for themselves.
Please don't think about a February race. Wait until April, the weather will be warmer and you will be better prepared. Ask Trainer Steve. ;-)