Thursday, January 15, 2009

Great Day for Running

I didn't care that it was only 6 degrees when I got up this morning, because I knew what the day had in store for me and I knew it was going to be GREAT! Ok, maybe not earth shattering and basically it would go unnoticed by all but me.

But today was it.

Today's the day I'd been waiting for....

After 7+ weeks - 53 days, today I got to RUN.

It wasn't for long and it was really super slow (12 minute pace)and may have been on the treadmill, but I was running again. And it felt great to be back and the best news being the pain in my foot was minimal and had subsided after a few hours.



duchossois said...

YEA! That's excellent news...take it slow...don't push too hard.

EbethS said...

Good New, glad the pain was minimal, take your time building back your base so as to give the foot time to adjust back to running.