Monday, December 29, 2008

A Time for Reflection

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed any and all Holidays that you celebrated. My Christmas was amazing, spent some time with great friends and my great family. And for those I was unable to spend time with, for whatever the reasons may have been, they were all in my heart and mind as they always are!

So now as 2008 comes to a close it seems inevitable that it also brings with it a time to sit back and reflect upon the past 365 days and all that has happened...and as I begin this process I realize how grateful I am for all that this year has provided! I began 2008 in such a different mind set and just overwhelmed with sadness and grief...I thought I had it together, but in looking back I was just basically lost. And slowly, as the year progressed, I began to find myself again. There is still much progress to be made, but isn't that what life and living is all about anyway? -- Goals and progress, self-awareness and then remembering to be truly grateful for all that is bestowed upon us! I like to believe that I have always been thankful of the things in my life, but learning to be truly Grateful and not just thankful, that is the one greatest gift I have received this year. There is such a difference between being conscious of a benefit received and being appreciative of benefits received.

So to those of you out there who read this and especially to those who comment (Frank, Elizabeth) -- I am grateful for the time you take to catch up on what is going on in my little life, and the comments provide more encouragement than I think you could ever even begin to imagine. Thank You!

Now for some running updates, since it's been a couple of weeks... Still not running, and still waiting for orthotics to come in, was hopeful that I could start running January 1st but it appears as that is being set back a bit further. But that is ok, it will all happen in time!! So, until the actual "running" starts up again I continue my new appreciation for the elliptical machine.

12/15 - 4 miles
12/16 - off
12/17 - 4 miles, 1 hour training session with trainer-Steve
12/18 - cardio workout with trainer-Steve - 1 mile on stepper; 2 miles on elliptical; 4 miles on bike
12/19 - 3 miles
12/20 - 4 miles, 1 hour training session with trainer-Steve
12/21 - off
Totals for the week - 17 miles elliptical; 1 mile stepper; 4 miles bike

12/22 - 6.10 miles
12/23 - off
12/24 - 7.42 miles, 1 hour training session with trainer-Steve
12/25 - off
12/26 - 6.00 miles with trainer-Steve by my side -- got on scale at gym and have gained 4 pounds, which puts me 7 pounds from my goal set for January 3rd.
12/27 - 6.83 miles, training session moved to Monday 12/29
12/28 - 6.25 miles with trainer-Steve by my side again, also got in .9 miles walking on the treadmill
Totals for the week - 32.60 elliptical; .9 treadmill/walking

Hope you all have a safe and joyous New Year!


duchossois said...

I love reading your blog. You don't let the inevitable set-backs and problems stop you. You adjust, stay positive, keep working and moving forward. You've done remarkable things this year. I hope you have a great 2009.

EbethS said...

Happy New Year, sending you healing vibes and the very best for 2009.