Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What Doesn't Kill You...

Had a podiatrist appointment on December 1st and x-rays were taken and my left foot was taped up... I was back in the doctor's office on the 5th getting my feet molded for orthotic inserts and Yes, there is a bone spur (albeit a small one) on my left heel. Wonderful. The doctor is hopeful that after the inserts come in (in about 2 weeks) and some break in time (about 1 week), that I should be able to start getting back into running. So 2 weeks + 1 week = crossed fingers that I can start back running by either the end of the year or in the New Year! -- presumptuous to look for a 5k for New Year's Day?! lol, maybe a little.

So since the current situation dictates "minimal to no impact" I guess the elliptical machines will become my new best friends at the gym. yippee. And here's the totals for the past week:

12/01 - 4.68 miles
12/02 - 3.57 miles
12/03 - 3.03 miles; 1 hour training session with trainer-Steve
12/04 - off
12/05 - 3.37 miles
12/06 - 3.00 miles; 1 hour training session with trainer-Steve
12/07 - off
17.65 miles for the week -- need to get those numbers up!

So December 6th would mark my halfway point from when my new target weight goal was set and the target completion date. Now, this whole fitness thing and signing up with trainer-Steve has never been about the number on the scale, it was about getting in shape and feeling better; but after reaching that first goal, I've been pretty excited about reaching this new number and I know with my vacation and the Holiday's in between that it wouldn't be the easiest and so I am trying to keep myself in check by not getting hung up on the "number"... so that being said, I got on the gym scale on the 3rd (just to get an idea of how I had fared through New Orleans and Thanksgiving) and I was down 6 more pounds! Which puts me right on target. Now it's just staying motivated and getting through the Christmas lunches, dinners and parties (we just had boxes of chocolate delivered to the office!!!), there's 4 weeks and 6 more pounds to get through...

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duchossois said...

You're lucky. You caught the bone spur when it was small and hadn't done much harm. You'll be great in a few more weeks. Now you can develop a special relationship with that elliptical trainer.