Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Just Passing Time and Getting By...and how many days til Christmas!!?!?!

Not much going on over here and yet there is so much happening.

Still waiting on the orthotics to come in, and my estimated return to running is still around abouts the first of the year. I can not even imagine how much slower I will be, but I do know how great it is going to feel to run again! Am finally waking up and not limping around for the first couple of hours of the day, but still feeling the pains by the end of the day. I have tried keeping up with the elliptical use but my mileage isn't where I'd like it to be; some days my legs are just so dead...

12/08 - 3.70 miles
12/09 - skipped, woke up super tired and sleep won over
12/10 - 3.50 miles after one hour session with trainer-Steve (lots and lots of ab work!!)
12/11 - 4.14 miles side-by-side with Steve, having the competition was great
12/12 - 4.00 miles
12/13 - 4.00 miles after 45-minute session with trainer-Steve
12/14 - off - Christmas shopping!!!!

19.37 miles for the week

And now for the other parts of my life....

The 12th was our office 'Consolidation Fest' - it was bringing the two County Boards that are being consolidated on July 1st together so that staff could start to meet each other. I know this isn't easy for staff from either location, especially knowing about the staff cuts that come with the consolidated Boards. All-in-all it was not a terrible afternoon, the food was good and we all laughed a little, and lets face it these decisions are all beyond our control at this point so there is no point in stressing over it all... it's either start looking for a new job and get out now OR wait and see what happens once the dust has settled! I have finally decided on the later, and am actually quite comfortable with it (most of the time) since I am hoping that there are at least two positions I could be placed in, I feel my chances are on the plus side of 50/50. However, that being said...the 18th is the Board Meeting where the Executive Director will be named and obviously that may change my somewhat easygoing attitude towards all this -- but again, that's Thursday, this is only Tuesday and there's plenty of work to be dealt with in the here and now.

Christmas has somehow crept up on me and is now only, what, 9 days away.... I have shopping to finish (and some to even start) as well as a very small get together planned for this Sunday to prepare for... I had toyed with not decorating this year, but a very good friend convinced me otherwise, so basically Santa came and threw-up in my house again this year leaving his little Santa/Christmas-sy remnants everywhere. I still have not picked up a tree. I have a great pre-lit tree that I bought about 4 years ago that I love, but here's a question for ya -- what happens when the lights decide to stop working?, which is what happened last Christmas and I've changed fuses, checked bulbs and have no clue what the deal is and last year ended up having to put lights on tree (which was no fun). So anyhow, I decided a real live tree would be great to have, I haven't had a live tree since moving into my house (6 years now), maybe it was more fun when I had them in the apartment when I wasn't supposed to?, I don't know...anyhow, with guests coming by this weekend if I'm getting a tree I better do it pretty darn soon! tick-tock

I hope everyone is having a great time and enjoying this current snow-free zone we are experiencing here in Cleveland -- we all know it'll be here by the shovels full soon enough!

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