Saturday, November 29, 2008

Time for Thanks

Again, it's been a while since I've posted. The training sessions with trainer-Steve are moving along well and up until last weekend I'd really improved on my consistency with eating and hitting my daily calories. I'm trying to avoid getting on a scale until my goal date of January 3rd but it's difficult, maybe next week when I'm at my halfway point...but so far it's worked if I just focus on the workouts and not so much the number on the scale.

Last weekend I was in New Orleans for a couple of days; what a great, fun place to visit. Got into town Saturday around 3:00 and had a show to see that started at 7:30 so not a lot of tome for seeing much. Sunday morning I ran a 5k and then spent the rest of the day walking the town, watching the Browns stink things up and eating. Before I new it, it was Monday morning and time to head home.

A couple of weeks ago when I decided to increase my weekly running goals, plantar fasciitis set in on my left foot. But an evening of icing and a day off here or there seemed to keep things in check...until New Orleans. Apparently running the 5k and then walking around for about 4 hours, yeah not so good! Needless to say it's been a slow week of recovery and the injured foot has we to some back issues and I haven't run now since the race and have a podiatrist appointment on Monday.

As for the 5k, it's nice run somewhere completely unfamiliar. The race was in a new location this year and the course was in a region that was slightly hit by Katrina. And other than one or two boarded up homes, the recovery process was moving along. The stadium that we had started and ended the race at had just celebrated its reopening. The course was mostly flat and I had hopes to run a quicker race, but with my foot issues I guess I can not really complain.

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duchossois said...

I am jealous. I want to run a race in New Orleans. I love running races in new places.
Good idea to take care of that PF. I hope you're good to go very soon.