Sunday, November 2, 2008

Getting Caught Up...again

Side note observation: apparently having the iPhone isn't helping me keep my blog updated...will try to do better in the upcoming weeks...

When last I left off I had decided to start adding up how many miles I am logging each week, with the hopes of this to motivate me to do more, go father, get stronger, be faster! Since I usually take Sunday's off I was adding up my hours basically from Monday through Saturday but now the last couple of Sunday's I've been tossing in some running to try and help to hit the 20 mile mark -- I know, it is a far far cry from some of the 50 and 100 mile weeks some people do but hey, it's a beginning!! So to recap (and since I've changed my weeks to end on Sunday's) here's what I've done since the beginning of October:

week ending 10/05 - 14.65
week ending 10/12 - 12.79
week ending 10/19 - 15.62
week ending 10/26 - 23.65
Total for the month - 66.71

week ending 11/02 - 21.40

So all-in-all not too bad and about where I am wanting to start this all out at.

Other quick notes, I ran a 5k back on October 26th out in Amherst and even though side-stitches once again plagued me around the 2 mile mark I was able to finish in 32:36... which is a PR for this year, and only 1.5 seconds off of a PR since I started running last year.

Future races -- there is one in Euclid next Saturday that I am thinking about running with a cousin, but it that fall through then I may not run another race until I am in New Orleans on the 22nd.

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duchossois said...

Those training miles are moving in the right direction. And I agree, blogging your training miles can add a little extra motivation, but be careful. Don't go increasing every week. Allow your body to adjust and adapt to each mileage increase by trying to hold that level for two or three weeks, before increasing again.