Friday, August 1, 2008

Trying My Hardest to Staying Positive and Motivated

It's August 1st. I mean it is August. Already?! What happened to my summer, how is it that August is here already? Wasn't it just May or June...and July how did thirty-one days get past me so quickly? Does time really go by quicker as we get older? And speaking of older, my birthday is in just two-weeks! I've had a rough time with my birthdays the last couple (2, 3, 6, 10) years but, as of today, I'm not totally freaking out about it...

So I have been working on this whole "The Secret" concept and trying to clear my thinking and focusing on happy thoughts. I've always described myself as a optimistic pessimist (lol), so the whole happy thought concept is really a lot for me to embrace and I may be reading the book for the second time in less than two weeks but I am trying really really hard to make this change in my life. I actually think this is the first time in my 40 years that I've actually embraced making a change like this. I have had a few ups and downs in the last couple of weeks, but it really is amazing how I can relate it all back to what I was focusing on.

On the running/workout front I have also had some ups and downs, but focusing on the happy thoughts I will only report on the Had my measurements taken on July 26th, which marks 2 months with my trainer Steve. My numbers all decreased (yeah), the pounds not quite as much as I had really hoped (actually the weight didn't go down hardly anything - 4 lbs) but I lost inches and I can notice it in my clothes and that is what I am going to focus on! My body fat is also down by another 4.75%, which is huge for me. I also got in 3 miles on Monday and Tuesday of this week (July 28th and 29th), which is Awesome, especially since my 5k is just over 2 weeks away (August 17th - yikes). Had a sore knee after my training session on Wednesday so skipped any workout on Thursday and then slept in on Friday morning and didn't make it to the gym again. BUT, tomorrow I am back on my game, I am not going to beat myself up over missing, I will just have to work my ass-off to make up for the couple of missed days. I am going to start running outside for a couple of days next week to get used to it again in preparation for the 17th.

Chiropractor update - still in love! Go see a chiropractor, it is awesome!! Am actually done with my sessions but asked the doc if we could schedule a few more appts to just check on stuff after I start running on pavement next week. My back feels GREAT.

Other miscellaneous stuff -- still working on letting go and in-line with the positive thinking and happy thoughts concept, I am working on just enjoying life and the people that have come into it and those that have come back into it as well. Still trying to figure out about second-chances....that one gets confusing to me still. Is it possible that Love lasts forever?

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duchossois said...

Hi Graham, I just read your last two posts. Fantastic to hear that the Chiro is working his magic on you, and that things in general are going well. I've not read 'The Secret', but if you're finding it inspirational and helpful, that's great. I'm glad you're heading back out to run on the road. Sounds like you have generated lots of positive energy, and now positive things are happening for you. Really looking forward to seeing you at a race sometime soon.