Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Moving Along

Not much going on, just more of the same. Still struggling with my left foot some from my vacation back at the beginning of the month. Decided to hold off on running the 10k at the Cleveland Marathon...there are plenty more races to come this summer and I really want to get things right with my foot again.

Week of May 4th - May 10th, even with the foot issues managed to get in about 18 miles. Was in Put-In-Bay over Mother's Day weekend and before heading home on Sunday I got out to run the 5k course for the race there the end of September.

Week of may 11th - 17th, got in just shy of 27 miles, so not too bad.

I'm a little bummed since it doesn't look like I'll be getting in a race this month although the Magnificat Run is really close to home, who knows it may be a Saturday night/Sunday morning decision. I'd like to try my hand at another race longer than a 5k, but again the summer has yet to begin and there are plenty of races left.


duchossois said...

Sorry to hear that your left foot is not right. Then again, if your left foot was right, it would be your right foot.
Don't stress about missing any one race...there are plenty more.

EbethS said...

Sending you healing vibes for your left foot, there are definitely more races out there for you to choose from, so let it heal.