Wednesday, July 9, 2008

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

That's what it's felt like lately with running, working out, and everything! It was just a week ago that I'd not only broken that awful 10 minute mile by 30 seconds but then followed that up by completing a 9:11 mile. I was totally thrilled! And then...

Well here's the breakdown of my running:

Wednesday - 1 1/2 miles in 17 minutes -- back to an 11 minute mile and minor left foot pain that prevented me from trying to make a go at 2 mile.

Thursday - off; went to see Tim McGraw Wednesday night and didn't get home and in bed until 1:30 am!

Friday - 1 1/2 miles in just under 15 minutes -- ok back to about a 10 minute mile. Right foot bothering me after first mile and then...a sharp stabbing pain under my left shoulder blade that hurt every time I'd take a breath. Decided to not push it for the final 1/2 mile.

Saturday - Personal Training session -- feet and back felt not bad when I woke up, decided to take another running break. Bought new running shoes!! Am certain that will heal ALL my pains!

Sunday - 2 miles in 19 1/2 minutes -- under 10 minutes. Woke up in the morning with feet hurting, tight calves, and pain (under the shoulder blade and lower back). Started off walking at the gym and then broke into a run. Everything felt great while running -- the new shoes must be MAGIC! But alas, late that night, the back pain returned with a vengeance.

Monday - 2 miles in 22 minutes -- i walked the last two laps, dang it if I would have just run it out I'd of been closer to 10 minutes. Felt back pain towards end of run.

Tuesday - 2 miles in 24 minutes -- ugh, I'm going the wrong way!! Debated skipping the gym due to how my back was feeling but it doesn't hurt for the most part when I'm running, it's just once I stop and try stretching that it all comes flaring back.

Wednesday (today) - Personal Training session -- the back was not happy, spent the better part of the first half of my session getting stretched out, which lasted until about 2:00pm. Steve insists I not run until I get to a chiropractor...found one right near my house (literally, like a block from my house) and they were able to get me in for this Friday.

So now the question is, for the next two days to run or not run? It is frustrating. I really want to be running, and honestly thought I'd be up past 3 miles a day by now and thought I'd be back running 5k's as well. I question if I will ever get there. I just don't know what the deal is. Why am I hitting this wall? Ugh! I want to run!! Really, I do. I don't know how to explain it, I feel great once I start and then I get to this point at around 1 1/2 miles where I just lose it and I start to fall apart, the running slows (as if that were even possible!) and then these last couple days at 2 miles, I am completely exhausted! No really, completely! I'm finding myself falling asleep during the day and just wanting to crawl into bed once I am home -- which I have been fighting doing but maybe I need to just listen to my body more and give in for a nice good loooong nights sleep.

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duchossois said...

Really sorry to hear about your foot and back pains. Hopefully these are of the niggling, temporary variety that runners always seem to be dealing with. Can't wait to hear if the chiro is helpful.
Hey...why are you fretting so much (yes, I said 'fretting') about the day to day variations in your pace? Nothing wrong with logging your times and noting trends, but you'll drive yourself batty (yes, I said 'batty') analyzing each daily variation.