Thursday, August 6, 2009

Drabble.... 'ish

So, one of my stalkee's, Peter DeWolf is having a "contest'ish" - it's a Drabble contest. (ish).

Now a drabble has NOTHING to do with running, or does it?!... A drabble is a fictional story of 100 words (no more, no less) and Peter has decided that the theme of said drabble be the subject of.... Love.... awwwwww....

anywho... here's my first try:

(sigh) What the… That cannot be the alarm. Shit. 3:50am already. The blankets are warm and toasty and I love having my feet intertwined with his. I hate leaving this way. But it’s 4:05am already. I have to go before it gets much later. I whisper “I really do love you” in his ear and tiptoe out of the room to get dressed. Suddenly… I’m another person, I have somewhere else to be, I fumble with my keys, I’m nervous. The pit of my stomach aches. There! I see it. I make my way. I smile. Yes. It’s race day!

See a drabble about love and running... perfect!!

and since I'm not real busy, here's attempt number two:

I don’t know what it is?
I hadn’t planned on staying this long.
I looked forward to leaving.
But I will miss being here.
I already miss it.
He will find someone else.
Friends, we are just friends, nothing more, remember that.
No not just friends, but best friends.
No, not lovers.
But we used to be lovers…
We used to connect on that level, he used to make me want to scream in passion. Sweat running down my spine.
The touch of his finger tips caressing my back.
The feel of his lips against…
No, not lovers.

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peterdewolf said...

I especially dig how you made the first one about writing!