Sunday, April 19, 2009

Decisions made

My bank account is $35 less. On a whim while sitting at my Mom's watching the awesome Cavs and Indians games, I did it, I registered for the Hermes 10-miler next weekend. There's some mixed feelings towards this, but mostly amazement since just 4 months ago I was just barely starting to run again and now I'm looking at a 10-miler and have thoughts of running a half marathon possibly much sooner that my December goal.

The rest of my week following Mondays 13.1 mile run was good. I took my scheduled rest days and ran according to plan. Trainer-Steve is on vacation for two weeks so am on my own...

4/13 - run 13.1
4/14 - rest day
4/15 - run 5 miles
4/16 - lower body workout
4/17 - run 5 miles, legs sore from workout
4/18 - upper body workout
4/19 - rest day, stretching back and foam rolling legs - really over did that lower body workout on Thursday!


EbethS said...

Good for you, hopefully I will get a chance to meet you.

Graham said...

Thanks, I'm excited about this run and yes I do hope I get to meet you!

duchossois said...

I KNEW IT! I knew you were going to do the Hermes Cleveland 10 Miler. And EbethS, you will be running it too. I really would like to, but I am in a combination 'recover from Boston, train for Cleveland'. Good Luck!