Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Finding Peace...

So another week has come and gone and although there were a few days of warmth and a few glimpses of sunshine...it is still cold and it is still winter in Cleveland. And somehow, I am still amazed at the fact that it is cold and wintry, you think after 41 years I'd know better, you think we'd all know better and yet at this time of year, each and every year we all dream on warm and sunny days, when the breeze off the lake is refreshing.

Since I've embarked on this journey of health and running, I have been also unknowingly at the onset, embarked on a journey or self-awareness. It has been a wonderful process and much like my running it has had it's ups and downs, its good days and its not as good days. But overall...all is much improved, I feel lighter on my feet and I am learning to enjoy the scenery!

I got to run on 4 occasions this week; Wednesday for 35 minutes, Thursday for 40 minutes, Saturday for 10 minutes and Sunday for 40 minutes. Although I am still running at a 12-min pace, running lately has been like a walk in the park. I am not struggling at all. The running feels easy and is relaxed and I have had no problems with my breathing. I have always looked forward to running but running longer periods of time always worried me, mostly because of my struggled breathing...but now, bring it on! My long term goal (presuming I have a job and the cash and all that jazz) is to run in the LasVegas Marathon in December, well not the marathon distance but the half marathon distance. I know I get frustrated with my slow pace, but the mystical/magical/all-knowing Trainer-Steve insists on me getting my endurance set...my goal is to complete the race, not to break records. So for now, I'm at peace with running my 12-minute miles. Which also means...now that I am up to running for 40 minutes, I am running just over a 5k distance (yeah), which also means I am literally a few steps closer to running the Bridges to Recovery 5k on March 29th!

The week all summed up:
2/23 - M - 6.00 miles elliptical
2/24 - T - 3.58 miles elliptical
2/25 - W - 5.04 miles treadmill (run 35 minutes, just shy of 3 miles) - 1 hr training with Steve
2/26 - T - 4.34 miles treadmill (run 40 minutes, just over 3.3 miles)
2/27 - F - 8.88 miles elliptical (0.66 miles warm-up on treadmill)
2/28 - S - 10.18 miles elliptical (1.90 miles on treadmill, run 10 minutes) - 1 hr training with Steve
3/01 - S - 6.04 miles treadmill (run 40 minutes)
TOTALS 44.06 miles - 6:20:17 - 4,065 calories burned on cardio

February ended on some positive notes and although I may be in a funk today...I am looking forward to seeing what is in store for March.

Now, separate from all my running, training junk I want to give another shout out to G. I am truly inspired by his dedication to a sport and to doing his best and giving it his all! G is playing in three hockey leagues. On his west side league he was voted in to play in the All-Star game this past weekend at the "Q" and although his line didn't give him much to work with and he didn't get any points it was still AWESOME to see him out there on the "big ice". On one of his east side leagues, his team made it to the playoffs but didn't get past the 2nd round, however during that last game they didn't manage to hold on to the lead they had...but they did push the first place team to a double overtime followed by a shoot out. And on his "other" east side league, his team is in first place AND he is the top scorer for the league, and it's playoff time there now. Way to go G! And thanks for letting me a part of the ride...-


duchossois said...

There is so much on which I could comment. Firstly, your progress is so solid, you're at another level now. And that 'running without struggling' thing, that is the reward for your perseverance. Las Vegas half-mara in December is a great goal, and you will be there. Imagine how great you will feel when you cross that finish line.

Graham said...

Thanks Frank! Your words of encouragement and knowledge and reading about your races and all...well it all just really gives me something to aspire towards. (Even if you do run twice my pace!! - lol).