Monday, February 9, 2009

Long Overdue Updates

I think maybe it's the weather... I can't believe I haven't updated my blog in so long (is that a sign of a boring life?, hmmm, Anywho, rather than providing lots of boring detail I'm going to do a couple of weekly updates to bring things up to speed!

For the week of January 19 - January 25: I managed to get in a total of 43.39 miles which was mostly elliptical work, with a little bit of running tossed in. As a reminder, Trainer-Steve got me started out running for 1 minute and then walking for 2 on the treadmill. I was then able to advance to a 2 minute run - 2 minute walk. All of this is at a 12 minute mile pace. The good news is that the foot has been feeling pretty good and I'm not having any of the breathing issues I used to have! During this week though, Trainer-Steve informed me that now that I'm starting to run a little more my goal is not miles per week, but instead it is to burn 4,000 calories in cardio per week. Now that may not seem like much to some of you but the thing is I know that that 4,000 goal is going to be increasing which means I will probably be having to start adding in some additional workouts...which means evenings or figuring out something at lunch time. So, calories burned for the week 4,067.

For the week of January 26 - February 1: 40.84 miles; 4,131 calories. I did the 2 and 2 run/walk routine 3 out of 6 days that I did cardio.

For the week of February 2 - February 8: 45.86 miles, 4,009 calories. This was a truly great and exciting week for me!! On February 2nd I got to run for 20 minutes straight, at a 12 minute/mile pace and let me tell you it felt WONDERFUL!! Then on February 5th I got to run for 25 minutes straight, 12 minute/mile pace and then on February 8th I ran for 30 minutes!! WooHoo!

Now for the bad left foot was bothering me some the rest of the day after running the 30 minutes. But, when I woke up this morning it felt fine. I'm supposed to do cario with Trainer-Steve in the morning and I'm technically scheduled to run but we'll see what he lets me do...

As of right now I am really hoping and aiming for running my first 5k for the season on March 29th - Bridges to Recovery race. Which I think is an appropriately named race to be my first one back, lol Ok, I know it's reference is recovery from alcohol and drugs but for me it is taking on another meaning. This is also the first race I ever ever ran 2 years ago so I am really hoping I will be ready for it this year!


duchossois said...

It keeps getting better and better. You are putting together some remarkable weeks lately. Keep it going all the way to the Bridges to Recovery...and beyond.

EbethS said...

That is such wonderful news, that you are getting back to running with great result. I like the 4000cal a week concept, which means you can almost guarantee 1 pound loss a week...
Regarding the foot hurting after the 30 mins run, what are you doing after each run to take care of it. Am finding out that with my injury, it is extremely important that I stretch, massage and ice after each run it makes a big difference, can always tell by the increased level of pain when I don't.